sleep awake

Close your eyes and think about the fun you had!

Everyone has nights where we can’t sleep. So, what do we do? Let me tell you what I do when I can’t sleep or when I lose sleep for a long time.

Often, thoughts keep running in our brains. It’s never empty, right? So what I do is, I simply close my eyes and just think about the fun I had on that day, or maybe on what to do tomorrow and also where my cat sleeps when it rains, it is very cold.

I think of things that my best friend and I are/were planning or think of god. These things help me to sleep.

Sometimes, I wake up and grab some midnight snacks too!

I love making new songs and so, when I do not get sleep, I make new songs but I don’t write them. What keeps me up at night is mainly to think of what to do for the next day. Sometimes if I have a test/exam the next day, I think and revise some random ones.

If I wake up after 3 am, I go back to sleep immediately. Its only before 3 am, I don’t get sleep sometimes. I even daydream if I don’t get sleep! Funny, right?

These are all the things I do if I don’t get sleep. If they don’t work, I just hug a pillow and try to catch some sleep!

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