chandrayaan 3

Chandrayaan 3: India’s Remarkable Journey to the Moon

In recent years, space exploration has become an exciting frontier for scientific discovery and international collaboration.…

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Righteousness in power

The Tamil word ‘Sengol‘ has been the highlight of all the media in India for the…

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mysterious city

The city that was!

Alert: This is a fiction with mysterious turns! My friends and I were planning a trip…

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Ajanta caves

World Heritage Sites in India

To be included on the World Heritage list by UNESCO, sites must be of outstanding universal…

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Pawan, Asha and the forest

The Kuno National Park, located in Madhya Pradesh is a wildlife sanctuary for wild animals. The…

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voting in the elections

Democracy in Action

Elections are held in different states of India at different points in time for the people…

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old journal

Unearthing memories

It is always amazing when you find your old memories whether it was your diary or…

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rainy day with cat watching the rains

Lazy days? They have a lot in them too!

Some days we are active and feel like doing everything we want to do like there’s…

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Prani pet sanctuary

Prani Pet Sanctuary: A place for rescued and abandoned pet animals and birds

On the outskirts of Bangalore, about 15 km from the busy city hustle, is a place…

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