Green Kadlekayi parishe

A Green Step Towards a Green Kadalekai Parishe

Kadalekayi Parishe is a popular event that has been taking place in Bangalore for many years.…

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Asawari Mathur

Asawari Mathur’s eco-conscious lifestyle

Asawari Mathur, a 22-year-old has adopted an environmentally conscious lifestyle and lives in Kelamangalam, a village…

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E-waste collection drive

Community comes together for tackling the war against waste

Residents Of Kasturbanagar Association (ROKA) is a residents’ welfare association based in Kasturba Nagar, Adyar in…

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Flag using vegetable waste paper

Turn vegetable waste into paper? Ask 11-year-old Manya how to!

Manya Harsha is just 11-year old, and she is inspiring our generation to take action against…

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Rainwater Harvesting in Bangalore

Tapping rainwater to recharge the groundwater

As we see the groundwater level is receding every summer and there is a scarcity of…

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Shri Krishna EFI

Full time with the environment

“I want to be a part of the solution that looks at conserving and preserving our…

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Ecofest meeting online

Young change makers speak about participating in Eco fest

Shalini, Deetya and Arya of grade 10 from Budding minds international school participated and secured second…

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Vidhyasagar in his fields

A marine engineer turns to chemical-free farming with a focus on sustainability

When one sips on tender coconut water picked up from a pushcart vendor or sees the…

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Aditya Mukarji

Bid adieu to plastics and say bonjour to trees

“People know about the harmful effects of plastic. The only thing stopping them from refusing to…

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