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  1. Hello Editor,

    I hail from Delhi & have just been transferred to Chennai. I have a son who is a year and 7 months old and we intend to send him to playschool. I am looking at some of the best play schools in the porur, ashok nagar, t nagar area. Working hours of the play shool should be from 8:00a.m. – 10:00a.m. to 06:00p.m. – 08:00p.m..

    May I request you to please suggest.

  2. I’m a student of class 7. Inspired by this webpage, I too wanted to write news reports , so I wanted to know how to publish reports here. I too want to become a member.

    Please tell me HOW !!!

  3. hi yocee,

    ia’mpriya from kochi, my daughter likes to join your student reporter program do you have any such programs for her as she is doing her 8th grade in kochi, she is very good extempore speech and also good at creative writing . please be in touch via mail.

  4. My name is Yamini prashanth and i am a 12 year old -soon to become a published author from Chennai. I wrote my first book “Mishti”, which is a children’s novella, when i was 11 years old. Mishti is going to be published soon by Unicorn books private limited, india. My second book, which is a collection of short stories has also been taken up for publishing by a well known children’s book publisher. Mishti will be released early next month. Please visit my facebook page created by my mother under her account. Its called Mishti-yamini prashanth

  5. Hlo sir

    Hapy mrg
    Am prabhakar frm chennai i would like to knw details abt the student repotwr program for my brother who is studing in std 12 in eirod. My qustn is weather my brother can abel to take part on the programme while u have anounced that it only for chennai based students!!!

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