Sandbox Spaces: Aashaya’s Vision for Inclusive Learning

In this interview, YOCee’s Student Reporter Akshara A speaks with Aashaya Anand, a 17-year-old who is…

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Parali Su Nellaiappar School Old

An abandoned School takes a new Transformation

The Residents of Chromepet, Chennai, have witnessed a new incredible landmark that has made its way…

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kittens rescued

Misadventures Meow: A Happy Ending

Our apartment isn’t just home to people; it’s also a haven for six cats: Missy (mom),…

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Celebrating the traditions of Kallazhagar in dance drama

India has many dance forms. Among them, Bharatanatyam stands out for its seamless combination of dance,…

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chandrayaan 3

Chandrayaan 3: India’s Remarkable Journey to the Moon

In recent years, space exploration has become an exciting frontier for scientific discovery and international collaboration.…

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Volunteer guide website launch

Introducing Chennai’s Volunteer Guide – a unique portal connecting changemakers

The Global Shapers Community of Chennai, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, recently unveiled a…

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ISL Bangalore Camp

ISL Leadership Lab 2023: Transforming Bangalore’s Garbage ‘Blackspot’ into a Model of Change

The Indian School of Leadership (ISL) is a non-profit organization run with the vision of promoting…

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LMV3/M3 launch

Liftoff at the launch view gallery in Sriharikota

Adhiti Tandle, a student reporter of YOCee had an opportunity to watch the launching of LVM3-M3…

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Sai Srinivas English teacher in his class

This teacher wishes to empower the nation’s future citizens

As Brad Henry said, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instil the love…

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