Reaching the Roots – eBook : Solutions Journalism Project

In October 2021,  a few of  YOCee’s student reporters enrolled for a Solutions Journalism project with P.S. Nandini as the co-ordinator. Nandini reported for YOCee as a Student Reporter from 2007 – 2014. She attended a workshop on Solutions Journalism and wanted to share the knowledge she acquired, with the present batch of YOCee’s Student reporters and thus Project Solutions Journalism took off.

She conducted periodic sessions, provided feedback on the story ideas submitted by the participants and assisted them in bettering their reports. The Solutions Journalism stories filed by the student reporter participants were compiled as an eBook by the participating writers themselves and was published on Jan. 23, 2022.

The chief guest Ms. Meera K, co-founder, Citizen Matters ( at the eBook launch event, lauded the efforts of the writers and interacted with them highlighting the importance of responses and attempts to resolve problems collectively as well as individually. She also provided them with suggestions on how to improve the storytelling with data.

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