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YOCee hosts a Student Reporter Programme every year since 2007. This year-long programme is open to students studying in classes 6 to 12.


An open invitation is released through local newspapers/websites in the month of April / May every year, calling for students who wish to be part of the programme. Please look out for announcements on this website also.

YOCee selects 25 student reporters each year, based on the interest in news reporting and basic writing skills of the children. After a briefing session, the selected reporters are set on the field with an ID card as YOCee’s student reporters.

The students get hands-on training in news reporting from their schools and neighbourhood. Tips on writing reports, taking photos, interviewing are provided with the submission of each report.

Meetings with the editor of YOCee and journalists from other media are also held during the year. These interactive sessions aid in sharpening the skills of the children.

The reports filed by each of these reporters are classified with their names as bylines and published on the website.

A click on their names will lead to a link listing all their reports. You can also read the reports written by each reporter by clicking on the names under the section titled ‘Authors’.

Select reports will also be part of the ePaper and eBooks published occasionally.


If you have missed the programme at the beginning of the academic year, you are welcome to be a guest reporter for the running year and join the programme next year.

You can email your report, photos along with your name, class, school and contact address, phone number with the consent of the parent to

Details about how to send your pictures, report and story ideas to YOCee is here.


Please check this linkĀ  –
Apply before May 14, 2023

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