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Break from the routine during summer vacation

After a long time of only studies, homework, school and exams, we all would like to have some break to just enjoy. Right? And we all get two months free from studies.

I have many favorite things to during my holidays. I would like to share some with you too!

1. Indoor camping
I love to play camp. In my room, I always make tents and play inside. I keep books, sheets to draw and write, a flashlight and my table fan to enjoy. My apartment friends come home and we all play in my tent. We often make snacks to pretend camp!

2. Cooking
I love to cook! During holidays since I don’t have any studies, sometimes I cook food items like Pasta, pizza, noodles and I make cakes, ice candies and ice-creams and also juices. This is one thing I love the most!

3. Swimming
During my vacations, we all go for swims in our apartment pools. We have water fights and pool parties. In our apartment, we also have a pool room where we can relax after a good swim. Here is where we have parties.

4. Play with animals
In our apartment, we have many people having dogs and cats. Other than that, there are also stray cats which are the

5. Rescuing animals
You may wonder what I mean by I like to rescue, right? I would like to tell an incident that brought my friends and me to get into rescuing.

One day when all of us were playing, a pigeon’s egg had fallen down and it had broken. Luckily, it didn’t harm the baby inside it. The baby bird was too small and we didn’t know what to do. We thought of leaving it wherever it was and feeding it when it wants but there was a problem, which was – cats. The cats always hunted birds and couldn’t let them hunt this one. Then I agreed to take it home with me. It was surviving with me for about a month. After this, we all came up with the plan to start a rescue club.

These are a few of my most favourite things about summer vacations! Enjoy your vacations too!

Featured Photo by Yerlin Matu on Unsplash 

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