YOCee – a news website for young people in schools
Founded: Nov. 2006

What is YOCee? 
YOCee is a cyberspace where children and young adults report news from their neighbourhood and school campus, training under the annual student reporter programme hosted by YOCee.

The beginning
YOCee was born out of a desire to make the children share news concerning them and events that interest them. Beginning with a group of kids to bring out a scribble magazine earlier, the website came up in Nov. 2006 after a session with kids who worked on the design and content. It began in Chennai and with technology evolving every day, it is expanding to other parts of India.


Why isn’t YOCee just like any other children’s website?
Kids came together to contribute ideas for colour schemes, designs and pages of the website. The news reports are mostly by kids who are part of the Student Reporter programme. YOCee is a website for and by children and young people, which makes it different from other websites for children.


How can you be part of it?
Any child studying in classes 5 to 12 in India, who has an idea or info/news to share can be part of this website. You can send us news about events in and around your area, be it photos of celebrations in your colony, school programs, your or your schoolmate’s achievements or your drawings, sketches…

What is there for parents?
News and details of useful activities for kids, books and products you can buy or recommend to your kids, places you can take your children on outings and a blog that discusses issues news from the world all over relating to children.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. hi

    i have been looking for a site to tell me details about activities happening in the city, relevant for kids for quite some time.very happy to have found a good site to keep me posted of the happenings.

    mother (niranjan class 2 psbb,kk nagar)

  2. Dear YOCee Team:

    Thanks to the team for creating such a wonderful and useful website. This website if useful to all Chennai moms as it informs us about the various happenings across the Chennai city. The Madras Week Celebration contest info were very useful and my daughter took part in all the contest that were posted in your website.
    Thanks once again…

    Mom of Madhunitha.R (student of PSBB KK nagar- IV std)

  3. very useful for my 5 year old kid, iam getting all information on contests throughout chennai which my child is interested to participate. kudos to the team.

  4. Since Yocee has been Internet enabled and can be accessed across globe,is there any possiblities for kids outside Chennai can be a part of this activities,like sending mails,thier creativity drawings etc..

    It would be really great if you ould provide them an oppurtunity(to kids out of chennai),it gives them a lot of exposure.

    Hope to get a positive response.


  5. Hello, I wish i had known about your site very much earlier. My daughter Mercy who is one of the winners of winter essay contest 2014 brought this into my notice. She is at the fag end of her school life. Oh she has missed out a lot of fun and learning.Why don’t you embark on a publicity campaign and involve as many schools as possible. Parents! here is a great platform for your wards to develop their personality(in short)

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