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Scenes of Ganesh Chaturthi festival

The season of festivals begin from August / September every year and goes on till the end of the year. The colourful festival celebrating the birthday of Ganesha, the elephant god is observed in every neighbourhood in the city. The clay idols, »

Summer scenes in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

Thiruvanmiyur, a suburb in south Chennai has a lot of character. Part city and part village, this neighbourhood has a beach, a big market and the inner streets are lively too. Pranav K, presents different colours of this locality in summer.


Summer scenes in Chennai

Summer in Chennai is hot and sweaty. But thisĀ is also the season of vacations for children and a lot of fun for them. Dhurai A N, student reporter captures a few scenes while walking down the streets.


World Heritage Day Photo Gallery

April 18 is observed as World Heritage Day. To mark this occasion, YOCee presents a gallery of photos shot by children. Many photos are taken in places that form part of the heritage of the city. A few children who are on »

Mobile Photography week pictures

It was a windy, rainy and pleasant week that was.
So, it was perfect time for children to takeout their phones and cameras to capture some cool pictures.
Here are some of them. A few others are in our digital library awaiting »

Friendly yours, cops!

Obey rules, we are friends then! Shot on Whites Road.


SAND-‘WITCH’: Food for muggles?

Caught at the Marina beach.


Summer fruits

When the mercury levels shot up, Smruthi went around to capture these cool pictures!
It is hot and dry. Yet, there are so many varieties of fruitsĀ  that substitute the artificial ice-creams.
For those who complain about the power cuts and sticky »