Asawari Mathur

Asawari Mathur’s eco-conscious lifestyle

Asawari Mathur, a 22-year-old has adopted an environmentally conscious lifestyle and lives in Kelamangalam, a village…

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Emojis – how they came to be

Messaging apps revolutionized communication. From letters passed on by pigeons to morse code to telegrams to…

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Releif Riders Chennai

Heroes on cycles – The Relief Riders

With the Coronavirus still at large, senior citizens, and vulnerable citizens are confined to their homes,…

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Veerasena Four Ministers book cover

Folktales as digital comics

A recent design venture by IIT Kharagpur Grad, Santhosh Subramanian, head of BS Labz, a design…

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Spreading smiles through chocolates

Moving on from their previous mission – 100 tonnes of rice and pulses to the needy…

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Body Image. What does that mean?

We are all Unique. What is the point of everyone looking the exact same? It is…

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writer's block

Feeling stuck about what to write or where to begin!

Ah, my old foe. We meet again. Lurking right around the corner and waiting. Waiting as…

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The tale of two brothers on a mission to fight hunger

Two brothers – Jai and Preet Aswani, aged 17 and 13 respectively, strive to create a…

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planting tree

Earth Day Report: Nizhal – Trees we treasure

It was in 2005 that a new movement began for the trees in Chennai. Nizhal –…

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