Sandbox Spaces: Aashaya’s Vision for Inclusive Learning

In this interview, YOCee’s Student Reporter Akshara A speaks with Aashaya Anand, a 17-year-old who is…

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Meet Prahlad: Empowering Education and Debates with NOSFAM and Shabd

Prahlad Madhu, a dedicated and passionate 17-year old talks about his organisation NOSFAM (Not a school…

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ISL Bangalore Camp

ISL Leadership Lab 2023: Transforming Bangalore’s Garbage ‘Blackspot’ into a Model of Change

The Indian School of Leadership (ISL) is a non-profit organization run with the vision of promoting…

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AI in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare?

On May 16, 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) promulgated a warning on the risks of…

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Upholding Truth and Accountability in the Press

In recent times, media in all its forms has become a huge part of our daily…

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bazaar or hypermarket

Traditional shops/bazaars or supermarkets/malls?

Nowadays, shopping is more than just what it is. Day by day, as the money in…

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Balwadi school visit by Budding Minds school students

Students create an impact on the kids in the local community

The students of an International school visited the learners at rural pre-primary and primary schools as…

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