Volunteer guide website launch

Introducing Chennai’s Volunteer Guide – a unique portal connecting changemakers

The Global Shapers Community of Chennai, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, recently unveiled a…

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Ramzan Walk

A walk through the Ramzan month

What would be a better way to learn about the insight of any tradition than by…

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E-waste collection drive

Community comes together for tackling the war against waste

Residents Of Kasturbanagar Association (ROKA) is a residents’ welfare association based in Kasturba Nagar, Adyar in…

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Inside airplane

The quiver and thrill of travelling

Travelling in a flight or train is always exuberant. I travel only during holidays and in…

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invisible power

Invisible power

Being invisible is a massive gain. Strolling and sneaking to places having fun! Here’s what I…

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Genie, grant my wishes!

Understanding Maths concepts with ease – Maths is a tactical subject and the difficulty differs for…

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Advertisements rule the roost

Advertisements do. Why? Advertising is an intrigued paid form of communication for promoting a product, service,…

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Curious about the science behind skincare

I would like to become an esthetician or a dermatologist when I grow up. Estheticians are…

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Inexpensive, yet ample of information

An item you have that isn’t expensive but means a lot to you The dictionary! Dictionary…

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