The Write Track Season 5

The Write Track – Season 5: Write every day on prompts

Remember the summer of 2020, when we were all stuck indoors with loads of thoughts to share?

During that very summer, The Write Track kicked off at YOCee. Every day, we would send out prompts to young writers like you, inspiring them to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. It was an awesome way to capture our experiences and bond through writing.

Jump to 2022, and those daily musings turned into weekly eBooks! Pretty neat, huh?

Now, we are revving up for season 5 of The Write Track, and guess what? We want YOU to join in!

If you’re under 17, hop aboard the everyday writers’ train. Each day, you will find three fresh prompts here. Scroll down this page, pick one, pick ’em all—your call! You can write in under 500 words. But if you feel it is too brief to be a wholesome piece, please feel free to exceed the limit!

So, what’s the holdup? Sign up now and let’s start crafting those stories!

1. Indian Grandmaster Praggnanandhaa takes sole lead in Norway Chess 2024 (News)
This is a first in classical Chess. Put the details of this news together with facts – who did he defeat, in which round, what were the points, and other what, where, when and how!

2. The Necessity of Environmental Education in Schools (Opinion)
With growing concerns about climate change and environmental degradation, there is a debate about whether environmental education should be a mandatory part of the school curriculum. What is your opinion on the necessity of integrating environmental education into schools? Discuss the potential benefits, such as raising awareness, fostering sustainable habits, and preparing students to address future environmental challenges. Consider the challenges of implementing such programs and how they might be overcome. Use evidence and examples to support your stance.

3. Explain a computer to an alien from another planet (Fun)
Imagine an alien who meets you with your computer in your hand. How would you explain what a computer is and what is capable of? Try conversational writing!

1. E-commerce on Traditional Retail in India (News discussion)
Discuss the growth of e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, the benefits for consumers, and the challenges faced by traditional retailers. Explore how this shift has changed shopping habits and what the future might hold for both e-commerce and traditional retail.

2. The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Teenagers (Opinion)
How do social media influencers shape the opinions, behaviours, and purchasing decisions of teenagers? Discuss whether the influence of social media personalities is beneficial or harmful for teenagers. Consider aspects such as body image, consumerism, mental health, and the authenticity of the content shared by influencers. Use examples and personal experiences to support your argument and address potential counterarguments.

3. A School for Superheroes (Fun)
Imagine you attend a school for superheroes, where each student has a unique power. Write a creative piece about your experiences at this extraordinary school. Describe your own superpower, the classes you take, and the friends you make. What challenges do you face, and how do you use your powers to overcome them? Include exciting, humorous, and dramatic moments as you navigate life as a teenage superhero.

1. The Growing Popularity of Sustainable Fashion in India (News article)
Find sources of news about the rise of sustainable fashion, the key players in the industry, and the challenges faced in promoting eco-friendly clothing. Reflect on how sustainable fashion can contribute to environmental conservation and what changes you can make in your own clothing choices.

2. The Impact of Technology on Education (Opinion)
What is your opinion about technology in education? Discuss the benefits, such as increased access to information, personalised learning, and interactive tools, as well as the drawbacks, including screen time concerns and the digital divide. Use evidence and personal experiences to support your argument and address counterarguments.

3. Invent a New Holiday (Fun)
Imagine you have the power to create a new holiday that everyone will celebrate. Describe this holiday. What is the purpose of the holiday, and how is it celebrated? What special traditions, activities, and foods are associated with it? Explain why this holiday is important and how it brings people together.

1. School admissions through the Right to Education Act (News article)
Do you know that parents belonging to weaker sections can enrol their children in LKG and Class 1 in private schools under the RTE Act? Write a news article explaining what and how this system works and who benefits.

2. The Value of Learning a Second Language (Opinion)
Write an opinion piece on whether learning a second language should be mandatory in schools. Discuss the cognitive, cultural, and economic benefits, as well as potential challenges, such as the availability of resources and qualified teachers. Use examples and personal experiences to support your argument and address counterarguments.

3. A Day as Your Favorite Fictional Character (Fun)
Imagine you could spend a day as your favourite fictional character from a book, movie, or TV show. How do you navigate their challenges and interact with other characters? What exciting events or plot twists do you encounter? Let your imagination take you on a thrilling journey.

1. The Expansion of Digital Payments in India (News article)
Digital payments have become increasingly popular in India, revolutionising the way people conduct transactions. Write an article discussing the growth of digital payment platforms like UPI (Unified Payments Interface), the benefits of a cashless economy, and the challenges faced in this transition. Reflect on how digital payments have changed everyday life for individuals and businesses in India.

2. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Year-Round Schooling (Opinion)
Year-round schooling is a concept where the traditional long summer break is replaced with shorter, more frequent breaks throughout the year. Write an opinion piece on whether year-round schooling should be implemented. Discuss the potential benefits, such as preventing summer learning loss and providing consistent education, as well as the drawbacks, including scheduling conflicts and potential burnout. Use evidence and personal experiences to support your stance.

3. A World Where Animals Can Speak (Fun)
Imagine waking up in a world where animals can speak human languages. How do they communicate their thoughts and feelings? What kind of adventures do you embark on together? Describe the funny, surprising, and insightful conversations you have with different animals.

1. India’s Efforts to Combat Air Pollution (News article)
Air pollution is a severe issue in many parts of India, affecting public health and the environment. Write an essay discussing the various measures taken by the Indian government and non-governmental organisations to combat air pollution. Explore initiatives like the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP), the promotion of electric vehicles, and stricter industrial regulations. Consider the effectiveness of these measures and what more can be done to improve air quality in India.

2. The Role of Extracurricular Activities in Education (Opinion)
Write an opinion piece on whether schools should prioritise extracurricular activities as much as academics. Discuss the benefits, such as skill development, social interaction, and stress relief, as well as potential drawbacks, including time management issues and academic pressure. Use examples and personal experiences to support your argument and address counterarguments.

3. If You Could Have Any Superpower … (Fun)
Imagine you could choose any superpower. How you would use this superpower in your everyday life? Describe the adventures you would have, the people you would help, and the challenges you might face. Include funny, dramatic, and exciting moments as you explore the possibilities of having a superpower.

1. The Push for Renewable Energy in India (News article)
India is making significant strides towards adopting renewable energy sources to combat climate change and reduce its carbon footprint. Write an article discussing the current state of renewable energy in India, focusing on solar, wind, and hydropower projects. Explore the benefits of transitioning to renewable energy, such as environmental sustainability and energy security, as well as the challenges, including infrastructure development and financial investment. Reflect on how this shift could impact India’s economy, environment, and your future.

2. The Importance of Financial Literacy for Teenagers (Opinion)
Write an opinion piece on whether financial literacy should be a mandatory part of the high school curriculum. Discuss the potential benefits of teaching students about budgeting, saving, investing, and managing debt. Consider how financial literacy can empower teenagers to make informed decisions and avoid financial pitfalls in the future. Use examples and personal experiences to support your argument and address potential counterarguments.

3. The Secret Lives of Inanimate Objects in Your School (Fun)
Imagine that all the inanimate objects in your school come to life when no one is looking. Write a creative story from the perspective of one of these objects, such as a chalkboard or a desk. Describe the secret lives and personalities of the various objects, their interactions with each other, and the mischief they get up to when the school is empty. How do they view the students and teachers? What adventures do they have? Use your imagination to create a fun, whimsical tale full of unexpected twists and humorous moments.

1. India’s Digital Currency: The Future of Payments? (News explained)
The Reserve Bank of India has recently introduced its digital currency aiming to revolutionise the payment system in the country. Discuss the implications of India’s digital currency on the economy, society, and everyday transactions. Explore how it might affect banking, financial inclusion, and cybersecurity. Consider the benefits, such as convenience and reduced transaction costs, as well as potential challenges like privacy concerns and the digital divide.

2. The Role of Mental Health Education in Schools (Opinion)
Mental health issues among teenagers are becoming increasingly prevalent, prompting discussions about the importance of mental health education in schools. Write an opinion piece on whether mental health education should be integrated into the school curriculum. Discuss the potential benefits, such as raising awareness, reducing stigma, and providing students with coping strategies. Consider possible challenges, including the need for trained professionals and the sensitivity of the topic. Use examples and personal experiences to support your stance and address potential counterarguments to present a balanced view.

3. The Ultimate School Field Trip: A Journey to a Fantasy World (Fun)
Imagine your school organises the ultimate field trip to a magical fantasy world where anything is possible. Write a creative story about your adventures in this extraordinary realm. Describe the fantastical creatures you encounter, the magical landscapes you explore, and the unexpected challenges you face. How do you and your classmates navigate this new world, and what surprising lessons do you learn along the way? Let your imagination soar and have fun with your narrative!

1. India’s Space Exploration: The Journey to Mars (Science news)
India has made significant strides in space exploration, with missions such as Mangalyaan (Mars Orbiter Mission) showcasing the nation’s capabilities. Write on India’s journey to Mars. Consider the scientific, economic, and technological impacts of these missions. Reflect on how India’s advancements in space exploration contribute to global scientific knowledge.

2. The benefits and drawbacks of school uniforms (Opinion)
Many schools require students to wear uniforms, while others allow free dress. Write an opinion piece discussing the benefits and drawbacks of school uniforms. Consider the arguments in favour of uniforms and explore the drawbacks, including limiting self-expression, the cost of uniforms, and potential discomfort. Use examples and personal experiences to support your views, and address potential counterarguments to provide a well-rounded discussion.

3. A Trip to the Future (Fun)
Imagine you and your friends have discovered a time machine that allows you to travel 100 years into the future. Write a creative story about your adventures in this futuristic world. Describe the advancements in technology, changes in society, and the new challenges humanity faces. What surprises you the most about the future? How do you interact with people and navigate this new environment? Include exciting encounters, unexpected twists, and the lessons you learn during your journey. Create a thrilling and fun-filled narrative!

1. Managing high power demand during summer (News, explanatory)
As temperatures soar during summer, the demand for electricity spikes, leading to challenges in power supply and distribution. Write anews article discussing the strategies that can be employed to manage this high power demand effectively. Explore the role of renewable energy sources. Discuss the importance of energy efficiency measures and public awareness campaigns to reduce consumption during peak hours. Also include the impact of power outages on daily life and the economy, and propose solutions for a stable and reliable power supply throughout the summer months.

2. Should high schools adopt a four-day week? (Opinion)
Write an opinion piece expressing your views on this topic. Consider the potential benefits, such as reduced stress and more time for extracurricular activities, as well as the drawbacks, like longer school days and potential impacts on learning. Use evidence and examples to support your argument and address potential counterarguments.

3. A day in the life of a school with talking pets (Fun)
Write a creative story about a day in the life of a high school where students can bring their talking pets to class. Describe the funny, chaotic, and unexpected situations that arise as dogs, cats, birds, and even exotic pets attend school alongside their human friends. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with the story!

1. Long elections in India (News)
We have been having general elections in India since April this year. Today sees the fifth phase of the elections. Write an explanatory news report with the timeline and area/states that go to poll in each phase. Curate facts. Graphs, bar diagrams and visual descriptions are welcome.

2. Read or watch – what is your preference and why? (Opinion)
News or fiction or academic matters – we have reading material and video stories available these days. What is your preference? Support your arguments with examples.

3. The sun turns blue! (Fun)
Imagine you wake up to a blue sun! Tell us how you would feel and what would go crazy according to you!

1. Research in longevity (Descriptive, news)
Recently, the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, has undertaken a project called the ‘Longevity India Initiative.’ Read about this initiative and describe its features in your understanding.

2. Holiday time – the best and worst spells (Experiential)
Think about your holiday experiences and describe the best and worst moments you have had. Share what made those times amazing or challenging, and how they affected your overall holiday.

3. Live in a boat! (Fun)
Imagine if you were to live in a boat all the time and tell us about life there!

1. Pavement vendors, encroachments and alternatives (News)
As the infrastructure develops, the need to remove encroachments becomes a priority. Recently, many pavement encroachments were removed in Chennai for building the Metro line. Write a news article with alternatives suggested by the public.

2. Your favourite day (Descriptive)
Talk about what you wear, the weather and more and why it is your favourite day. Describe, avoid opinion.

3. You accidentally ate dog food! What next (Fun)
Oh, no! But give the readers a fun account of what it would be like!

1. When summer takes a short break … (News)
A double rainbow made it to the headlines of the city pages in Chennai’s newspapers yesterday. Write a news feature on the temperature that drops during the peak of summer in May.

2. Recycle everything (Persuasive)
Imagine you are responsible for making sure every plastic bottle and container consumed at your school gets recycled. How would you persuade your friends and classmates to join the effort?

3. A weird milkshake flavour (Fun)
What is the strangest and weirdest flavour you could ever imagine tasting? Describe it in detail!

1. Friendly places in my neighbourhood (Feature)
Think about the places in your neighbourhood where kids and adults like to hang out and have fun in a safe environment. Describe what makes these spots special and enjoyable for you and your friends.

2. World without the Internet (Opinion)
If the internet were to crash forever, what changes could this bring to your life? Consider the challenges and opportunities that would arise if the online world were to disappear permanently.

3. The most boring superpower (Fun)
Let your imagination run wild as you dream up a superpower that’s more “meh” than magnificent.

1. Summer and street vendors (News)
It is a hot, hot summer. But shopping for our daily needs has to be on. While supermarkets offer a comfortable shopping experience, many areas in cities and smaller towns depend on street vendors for vegetables, flowers and quick needs. Write a news piece about the experience of the vendors and consumers by striking up a conversation with a few of them.

2. Summer Camps or bridge courses for the next grade (Opinion)
Take a stance on whether kids should opt for a freewheeling summer camp or go for extra coaching or a bridge course for their next grades.

3. Lose a sense! (Fun)
If you had to give up one of your five senses, which would you most hate to lose, and why?

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