Celebrating the traditions of Kallazhagar in dance drama

India has many dance forms. Among them, Bharatanatyam stands out for its seamless combination of dance,…

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adventure tourism

Adventure tourism: Balancing the thrills and the risks

Picture the scene. You are a thrill-seeking teenager bursting with excitement about an upcoming adventure trip.…

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A world without penalties – paradise or chaos?

Imagine a world free of law. No restrictions, no supervision, no retribution. All strings unattached. It…

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Navaratri dolls on a street in Chennai

Lots of Navaratri dolls on display along a street

When one thinks of Navarathri, the first image that is likely to be associated with it…

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wall art in the making

Garbage-ridden street gets a new life

The abusing of public spaces is one of the biggest community issues of the era. Everywhere…

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Jayanthi Srivatsan

The enchanting journey of dancer Jayanthi Srivatsan

To Jayanthi Srivatsan, dance is more than just movements and expressions. It is a way of…

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Airplane Experience

Every time I travel by air, a single thought occurs to me – what if the…

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A photograph and a memory

Scrapbooking, in my opinion, is the best way to preserve photos. I’ve been scrapbooking for over…

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school terrace garden

Towards greener future – Audio news report

For a clean and green planet, we need all hands on deck. Manasvini Sekar, a twelfth…

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