Green net at traffic signal

Chennai’s Cool Initiative: Green Nets at Traffic Signals

Have you seen those green nets at a few traffic signals in Chennai? They are here to make your drive a little cooler and safer.

Last week, social media was buzzing about green nets popping up at traffic signals in Puducherry to shield drivers from the scorching sun. Following this, the Chennai Corporation is testing the waters by introducing this initiative at eight traffic signals in the city.

These nets are like big umbrellas, about 6 meters long, meeting safety standards by having at least 5 meters of vertical space from the road. Instead of flimsy materials like casuarina poles, sturdy welded box sections are used for construction. According to S Rajendiran, Chief Engineer of Chennai Corporation, most nets will be up and running from May 9, 2024.

The first spots to get them are Raja Muthiah Salai and Anna Nagar 2nd Avenue. One is already up at the Rippon building traffic signal. Water pots are also being added for extra help.

Chennai’s planners are thinking ahead. They want to make these nets even better by adding PVC sheets overhead, especially to assist two-wheeler riders during rainy days. Looking ahead, the city aims to implement a system, in collaboration with the traffic police, where the area right before the pedestrian crossing is reserved for two-wheelers to benefit from the shade.

So, if you are in Chennai, keep an eye out for these green nets to keep you cooler while on road.

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