trust each other

A matter of trust

I believe that a person must earn trust. They may not have to go through a…

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flowering season


In India, we have four main seasons. Although climate change has skewed the boundaries between these…

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Nostalgic notebooks

I always love to find the stories I wrote when I was younger. Sometimes, I can…

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malls and markets

Let the bazaars and malls coexist

Both traditional bazaars and malls have their own benefits. If you have a wider budget, and…

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Convenient radio; engaging video

Over the last few years, shorter forms of media such as reels or concise articles have…

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Flag using vegetable waste paper

Turn vegetable waste into paper? Ask 11-year-old Manya how to!

Manya Harsha is just 11-year old, and she is inspiring our generation to take action against…

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Art in the bylanes of Malleshwaram to make the streets pedestrian-friendly

  ‘Malleshwaram Hogana!, that translates from Kannada to ‘Let’s go to Malleshwaram!’, a project to support…

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Careers that are interesting to me

At the moment, I have many careers that I would like to pursue. Since I was…

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Books and ebooks

Trade in my physical books? No, I would not!

Since I learnt how to read, I have always had a deep attachment to books. They…

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