Celebrating Turtles

May 23: While we observe National Library Workers Day and National Lucky Penny Day on this…

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aggregator business

Aggregator businesses: Why unity is strength

Swiggy, Uber, Google and OYO – all seemingly different businesses from different industries. What do they…

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LMV3/M3 launch

Liftoff at the launch view gallery in Sriharikota

Adhiti Tandle, a student reporter of YOCee had an opportunity to watch the launching of LVM3-M3…

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Children with special needs make safety masks for frontline warriors

During this crisis of COVID-19, we are all forced to stay inside, and this is hard…

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home silhouette painting

Home, safe home!

When everyone across the world feels safe to be home, this silhouette of a home in…

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Running with responsibility for a clean environment

Plogging is a new fitness trend that is quickly making its way around the world. It…

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