The run off the mills parties are gone these days.  Let it be the first birthday celebration or teen’s birthday party; everybody wants to have a theme for their parties. V.S. Manasa speaks to a few of Chennai’s best event management companies on the ‘Theme parties’ that have become the trend of this century.

In a chat with Hybridz Solutions I was told that, “The most wanted themes these days by boys are ‘The Disney Cars’ or ‘A stylish cowboy theme’ while the girls prefer the enchanting ‘Disney Princess’ or ‘A Pretty Barbie’  for their party”.

Another interesting fact told by Sun Events is that no matter what the theme is or how big the party is going to be, it is only a week or two that is required to plan. It sounded quite out of the box creativity when Hybridz’s organisers say that their food court also changes according to the theme.

Go Wow Dot Com is an event management company that says it is “Jungle Book’ and ‘Angry Birds’ that are on the roll now. They say that the give-aways of the party are based on the themes and they can get really creative, based on how artistic the theme is going to be and also how big the budget is going to be. It was indeed very interesting when their organiser said that recently they held a theme party where the theme was ‘Basketball’ and the take away was a basketball with the birthday boy’s name on it!

Modern Entertainers (event organisers) share that the items of the theme party also sing the same colours of the theme, for instance, the invitation cards, the balloons, the games, the cake, the gift bags and almost everything. Other creativities in a party include balloon sculpting, tattoos, nail art and loads more amusing stuff on the list.

But one thing that all the event planners stated is that; more the fun the more it will cost your pocket. So, now what is the wait for guys? Take a pad and pencil and start jotting down your plans and budget for your ‘Theme Birthday Party!’