Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre had invited young children to know more about the universe and astronomers in the Summer School on Astronomy held during May 17 to 19, 2015.
Dr. P. Iyamperumal, executive director of the centre introduced the students to the program. Mr. Soundarajaperumal taught the participants on the subject of astronomy, space, galaxies, super nova explosions among the other trelated topics. He explained the basics about space and clarified all the doubts the participants had. Even a dust particle in space was interesting in astronomy when he explained. The three days of the program with practical and theory sessions had power point presentations and night sky watch.

planetarium1The theory classes were on super nova explosions, solar mass, galaxies and about Indian astronomical scientists. In practical class they students learnt how to do a spectroscope, moon dial and sundial, and how to measure the distance between planets.

Mr. Soundarajan’s PowerPoint presentations were very informative. Looking at Venus and Jupiter during the night sky watch session was exciting to the participants. They saw the other planets too. We can see these planets through our naked eye as they appear to be a bright star without twinkling, said the instructor.

The show held in the theatre for the students to travel into the space and know much about the planets and space station was the real finale. The organisers gave away the certificates of participation in this program.

This camp will again be conducted for the students on December, 2015. Call the planetarium at 044 -24410025.