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Many folds make a book

Reported by Pratiksha Kannan

When young Shivram Narayanan folded papers, he created butterflies, cranes and elephants.

He still creates them and did so at the Oxford Bookstore in Nungambakkam, Chennai. He was releasing his book on Origami, a Japanese art of paper »

Paint a ‘ther’ contest

Have you been to temples during the festivals? Most of the temples have annual festivals, normally lasting for ten days.

The main temples in the city of Chennai have festivals like ‘ther’ (temple car) and ‘teppam’ (float festival). When it was the »

Solar eclipse – special session at the Birla Planetarium

Reported by Abhishek Narayanan

Last Monday, on March 19, I briskly got up from bed and read in the newspaper that it was solar eclipse day and there was a special session at the B. M. Birla Planetarium, Kotturpuram.

I asked my »