While we collect shells as hobby, Ms. Vasundara Sourirajan in Kodambakkam has an exotic collection of shells from oceans all over the world for a different purpose.  The variety includes Tritons, Miters, Periwinkles, Volutes, Top shells, Helmets, Murex, Moon shells, Cowries, Wentletraps, Sundials, Money Tusks, Cockles, Thorny Oysters, Scallops, Clams, Olives, Cones  and Piddocks.  She has used them tactfully to make jewels, mirrors, wall hangings, table decors like fruit picks lamps, stationary holders, animals, birds and especially flower bouquets.

When quizzed about her passion she says that she has loved sea shells form the age of five. Now she is seventy and has made sea shells her precious collections.  She is also a member of The Craft council of India.  She is a retired teacher, passionate about arts, crafts, gardening cooking and teaching English.

For learning Sea Shell Craft you can contact Ms. Vasundhara on 91766 20747 or email to vasundara1945@gmail.com.

Here is a glance of her craftwork: