Book Review by Malavika Ravi, Class 9, PSBB, Nungambakkam

Author – Derek Landy

Stephanie is taken out of her normal world when her uncle is murdered suddenly, leaving her his whole fortune. Her uncle used to write horror fiction, or so she thought, because as time passed, she realised that things which she believed were stories had become true.
Vampires (not your harmless ones), Hollow Men, Cleavers, warriors and dangerous magical powers all took hold of her when she willingly agreed to avenge the murder of her uncle.
Skulduggery, a living skeleton, detective and powerful user of magic, helps her figure out mysteries and shows her things she has never dreamt of. Read about Stephanie and Skulduggery’s dangerous endeavours, and how they fight back against the powerful Serpine. Can they save the magical realm, before it is too late ?
Read this fast paced, extremely humorous novel, where the author combines many vital points to give one climax which is thrilling and un-put–down able…

Available at : Landmark Stores, Hippocampus (library)