S.B.O.A School & Junior College is organising its 34th Annual Sports festival on Aug. 23, 2013.

The cultural events are based on the theme of Water Conservation. Water is emceeing this programme!

The agenda of this theme- based annual festival is to sensitise this issue. It is emphasising on water conservation which can no longer be enshrouded.  Water conservation is esoteric due to inappropriate knowledge of the consequences of the extensive usage of water. So, many performances by students are expected to convey the message.

The principal Mrs. Selvarani is happy about organising this festival. “This annual festival is going to be exceptional and also remarkable,” adds the proud principal. Regular rehearsals are being held to ensure the D-Day performances are satisfactory. The staff of S.B.O.A School & Junior College is awaiting this function to bring about a good change in the approach towards the issues in water conservation.