trust each other

A matter of trust

I believe that a person must earn trust. They may not have to go through a gruelling process of interviews and the like, but a little attention paid to someone’s mannerisms and habits can tell you whether they are trustworthy.

Trustworthy people usually don’t talk behind others’ backs. Unless you are very close to someone, if they are discussing someone else negatively without their knowledge, then maybe it would be unwise to trust them not to do the same to you.

The same goes for those who discuss others’ secrets openly, or judgementally.

A trustworthy person will respect your boundaries and never pester you for information. They also admit their mistakes and make an effort to improve themselves whenever required.

They are also reliable – they don’t vary in their judgement or switch sides at the drop of a hat depending on what benefits them. They think logically and realistically and can aptly defuse the situation that is about to go awry.

For the most part, anyone who truly cares about you could be considered trustworthy, as someone who violates your trust or takes you for granted cannot be considered a well-wisher.

At the end of the day, it pays to be cautious with how often and with what you trust people, but it’s also not good to be too guarded with your trust, as that can make you unapproachable, closed-off and intimidating.

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