A War Of Words

It was an exciting day for the 83 members of the Debating Society of The PSBB group of schools, who were the lucky ones who got to witness the first  Round of Debating for the  year 2012-2013.

The Debate was conducted in the PSBB school in KK Nagar on June 27, 2012. The event was kick-started with the organization of an impromptu debate by the school,wherein 5 top debaters from the Nugambakkam and KK Nagar branch of PSBB schools contested.

The debaters were given five topics and each one was assigned a different topic to speak on. The five debaters, all of whom were already experienced in the art, put up a wonderful and interesting show for the audience.
The topics given to them were:’Do gadgets own us or do we own the gadgets?’,’Is cheer-leading showcasing women as mere objects?’,’Is spending for the better or for the worse?’ Though the topics given to them were controversial, they were very clever and  set the ball rolling in their courts and listed out very powerful and logical arguments to justify and prove their points.

The Chief guest, Mr. Anand, a professor and veteran in English language, with years of experience and passion for playing and experimenting with the language, was very impressed with the standard of debating of the school and appreciated the improvement over the past few years.The Dean and Director of the School, Dr.(Mrs.)Y.G. Parthasarathy appreciated the efforts of the students encouraged them to take up the art of oration and debating.

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