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Aadi special: Home gardeners exchange plants

The sowing season begins in the Tamil month of the Aadi (mid-july to mid-August). Rains are abundant; the water level in rivers and lakes rises at the onset of the monsoon.

On the first Sunday of Aadi, Chitlapakkam Raising, a social welfare group, organised an event to commemorate the start of Aadi. Residents of Chitlapakkam in Chennai, who have gardens came with their plants to this event to swap them with others. As a result, residents could get to know about various plant species and also how to grow them.

“We did not expect this event to draw so many people,” says Mr. Bala, one of the organisers. It was a surprise to see people exchanging plants enthusiastically on a Sunday morning. Through this event, Chitlapakkam residents got the opportunity to meet people who spend their life on gardening. These gardeners do not just grow a plant or two; their gardens are all over their house. Members of various streets of Chitlapakkam joined the event.

The Kumar Avenue park at Chitlapakkam, which is located near the lake, has also become a well-known landmark. The Miyawaki plantation in that park deserves all of the credit. Miyawaki is a technique for creating dense forests by planting trees. Almost a hundred different plants could grow on a very small patch of ground.

It was a pleasant site to view all the environment lovers assembled to discuss many aspects of the environment and the concerns relating to it- from plants varieties to their journey through the lake renovating process.

Mr. Sunil Jayaram, co-founder of Chitlapakkam Rising states, “Miyawaki is a very good addition to the park. The plants grew 7 feet in height, in a very short amount of time.” “Our efforts never go waste”, he added.

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