All coins at this Madras Week event

Philately and numismatics, the age old hobbies now fading away were re-introduced to the young people at the Madras Week celebrations hosted by PSBB, K. K. Nagar. The event was held on Aug. 20 and was organised by INATCH.

Madras Day PSBB’Coins’ was the theme for this year in memory of the late Raja Seetharaman, a well known coin collector, social worker and an active member of INTACH.

“Collection of coins is a passion for both the young and old but it is losing its importance of late. So this theme, we felt, was apt in nurturing this hobby among students and to encourage those who are already collecting. Coins help us to know about the socio economic status of the country and also about the units of conversion with regard to foreign coins,” said Mrs. Indira Vaidhynathan, Principal, PSBB (KKN) while addressing the students.

This celebration invited young enthusiastic school students from the neighborhood to actively participate in events convened for the momentous celebration. Essay writing competition and the exhibition of coins occupied a prominent place in the events for the day.

Madras Day PSBBA special word of appreciation was for Venkatesh, attendant at PSBB (KKN) who displayed an amazing range of coins much to the delight of the viewers and members of INTACH.

Mr. Y. G. Rajendraa, Management Representative, PSBB Group of Schools, appreciated the studied display of coins by the young  students.

Mrs. Prema Kasthuri, Former Prof. of History, Women’s Christian College and Mr. Sashi Nair, journalist addressed the gathering and gave away the prizes.

Dignitaries of INTACH, Heads of PSBB Schools, and teaching faculty from the neighbouring schools attended the function.
Mrs. Shanthi Chandrasekar, HOD Social Science Dept, PSBB(KKN) organised and coordinated the programme with precision.

The members of INTACH hoped that PSBB (KKN) will continue to host the celebrations in the years to come. They also requested the school management to open a Heritage Club and Numismatics and Philately Clubs to encourage the young collectors.

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