An eye-opener

This stall catches the attention of the book lovers who stroll through the book fair at YMCA grounds, Nandanam. The one with a board on top – Enter the World of the Visually Challenged.

Two visually challenged scholars were seen crouched over a book written in Braille. Another visually challenged scholar Mr. K. Raghuraman, was explaining about the concept of Braille and the purpose of the stall. He spoke with ease and was clear about his descriptions. He explained that the Karna Vidya Technology Centre has recorded several audio books for the visually-impaired. Karna Vidya in Sanskrit, means ‘learning through listening’. Earning his M.Phil and Ph.D, he teaches at the Government Arts College and helps the visually-impaired at the Rotaract Club of Drishti.

According to Mr. Raghuraman, the Rotaract Club of Drishti, is run by and for the visually impaired youth. Rotary Club of Coromandel started Karna Vidya for visually challenged. He says that the Government should keep the books’ font in UniCode. He also desires to make the visually-impaired self reliant and tech savvy and as any able bodied youth, to extend and achieve their goals. For him, accessibility is the key.

He also mentioned that two visually challenged persons in Australia have been able to achieve audio software. Also e-Speak, a popular speech – synthesising software was developed by Jonathan Duddington at 2007.

Prof. Raghuraman’s colleague, A. Vijaykumar works as an assistant professor of English at the Presidency College, Chennai. He spends his free time helping the visually impaired youth. Prof. Raghuraman’s other partner Mr. Padmanabhan works in the Railways and assists at the Karna Vidya Technology Centre .

The avid readers, though visually challenged, throng the Book Fair which is on till Jan. 21, 2014. The stall is an eye opener for many book lovers. Prof. Raghuraman is accessible on his mobile phone no. 9840018012 for more details and information.

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  1. Very inspiring! Amazing to see an accomplished professor help the visually impaired ! A good, informative read. I especially liked the title of this post.

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