bazaar or hypermarket

Traditional shops/bazaars or supermarkets/malls?

Nowadays, shopping is more than just what it is. Day by day, as the money in our pockets goes up, our obsession with buying increases largely. Honestly, I am no different. Over time, my preferences for shopping changed. I used to be the girl who wanted luxury inscribed in everything I do, see and possess. Hence naturally, I preferred malls and hypermarkets. However in recent times, the cliche “quality over quantity” has seemed to embedded itself in my mind. I started to explore roadside markets and bazaars, and I was not disappointed by it.

The first element of attraction has to be its simple and subtle nature. There are no jazzy lights or heavy music. It’s just the shop, the environment around it, and us, making it easy to focus on the product and service provided. They leave the perfect imprint in our heads.

Secondly, as I already mentioned, the quality of the product/service is generally higher. This is because bazaars are usually a culmination of small businesses, that thrive in packed crowd scenarios. One of the most significant ways to attract customers like me is to produce quality – and sometimes one-off – products.

Finally, I’ve learnt a lot more about the products I purchased in local markets than malls because those who tend to us are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the specifications and details. As a person who loves exploring and learning, this feels much more satisfying and wholesome as an experience.

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