Bessy Reads

Books by the Beach

In the serene corner of Besant Nagar, a community of dedicated bibliophiles, passionate readers, and beloved canine companions (doggos at the beach!) gather around Sunday morning at 6 am. They come together at the Karl Schmidt Memorial as the sun rises.

Bessy Reads. This quiet reading community is organised by the literary enthusiasts Sanjana Patnaik and Kruthika Kumar. It is a haven for those who find solace and connection in the shared experience of reading. Sanjana and Kruthika drew inspiration from Cubbon Reads, a renowned silent reading community in Bangalore. The duo had a common dream to bring the concept of silent reading to Chennai. They emphasised that ‘Bessy Reads’ operates without a designated owner or curator. Kruthika Kumar highlights the point that Bessy Reads is a community where readers can truly be themselves, experiencing the freedom it offers to readers.

Sanjana says, “Chennai, is known for its captivating beaches. Amidst the coastal beauty, Bessy stands out with its unique blend of serenity, vibrant societies, and a commitment to safety that truly sets it apart.”
They selected Besant Nagar as their chosen location for this reading community because Chennai is blessed with beautiful beaches, and Besant Nagar stood out as an ideal option. It offered the convenience of essential amenities while maintaining a reputation for safety, making it the perfect setting.

Despite the occasional challenges posed by the weather, the members cherish every moment they spend together. As Kruthika reflects, “The most memorable moment I had was the Meet and Greet on August 15.” She says, “Members of Bessy Reads meet up at a nearby restaurant. The entire gathering was centered around our shared love for books. It was an absolute delight as we dove into lively discussions. A seriously fun and memorable time for everyone!”

Bessy Reads is a hideout where you can immerse yourself in a good book while listening to the soothing sounds of Elliot Beach. If you want to experience the perfect way to kickstart a Sunday morning, be there next Sunday!

Photos: @bessyreads

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