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Mathematics and dance. Have absolutely nothing in common, right?
Wrong. This lec-dem at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, CIT Campus, Adyar on June 19, was based on the connection between the two.

The programme marked the 5th anniversary of the legendary Math educator, professor P.K.Srinivasan, affectionately called PKS.

The function began with the lighting of the lamp, followed by a speech by Mrs.Sumitra Gowtham, an associate of P.K.S and the coordinator of Outreach (The Krishnamurthy foundation). She brought back memories of P.K.S who she said was a supreme master of mathematics, and explained how he removed the fear of it among the children. Institute of Mathematical Sciences Professor, K. Srinivasa explained the various methods and different approaches used by P.K.S to help young children learn maths.

P.K.S was a Gandhian all his life and often quoted”Students are not dull, they are dulled by us.” He has also written many books and was the first biographer of the great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.
Then came the real confluence of arts and math. Senior dancers and musicians M.V. Narasimhachari and his wife Vasanthalakshmi presented a recital showing the connection between math and dance along with their three students. Rhythm, logic, symmetry, coordination and harmony are all dance in math. These were the views of the dance guru M.V.Narasimhachari. The performance was lively and entertaining throwing light about math in dance.

The family of P.K.S also introduced a family who had come all the way from Ooty and their son Master.Vibhu Vignesh, a 11 year prodigy who answered questions to any 2digit multiplications in a matter of seconds without a pencil or paper.

Lastly Mr.Kannan P.Srinivasan and Smt. Nirmala Raman, children of P.K.S delivered the vote of thanks.

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