Celebrating a scientist

To mark the 121st birth anniversary of Indian Scientist, Nobel Laureate Sir C.V. Raman Nehru Children’s Cultural Association organised a special event on Physics at IIT-Madras.
M.R. Sugumaran, President, Nehru Children’s Cultural Association welcomed the gathering.

Dr. S. Srinivasan, Former Professor of Physics, IIT Madras gave a speech on Sir C.V. Raman. Dr. T.S. Natarajan, Professor of Physics, IIT-Madras gave lecture demonstration. He performed experiments in Physics using easily available objects. He dipped a rubber ball into liquid Nitrogen and showed that rubber can become glass below a certain temperature known as glass Transition Temperature.

He also demonstrated the concept of elastic collision by keeping a tiny ping pong ball (Tennis Ball) and a foot ball.
When dropped to the ground separately , they bounced to same height. When the tennis
ball was kept over the football and the two together were dropped to the floor, the tennis ball jumped to a height greater than the level from which it was dropped. He explained the Physics behind it in simple words without materials.

Using just a coil, a magnet and a Galvanometer, he demonstrated the principle of electromagnetic induction and also related how electrical power is generated in all power station including atomic power plants. He also explained concepts of Bernoulli’s Principle, using a funnel, ping pong ball and an air blower.

Using a Plasma lamp which is called the Tesla coil in scientific technology, he showed lighting of a neon lamp, and a fluorescent tube by high frequency electrical pulses.

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