Creative space for the students at Sishya’s exhibition

The Sishya Annual Exhibition was held on the Nov. 12, 2011.
Held once a year towards the middle of the third term, the Sishya Annual Exhibition is an event where students’ imagination and creativity are given free reign. Many students see this as an opportunity to show others their creative skill and artistic talents. The weeks leading up to the exhibition saw students and teachers working very hard to complete the elaborate arrangements that had been made.

The day began for visitors at 8.30 a.m.
The campus saw parents, siblings, and visitors pouring in by the hundreds. Classes were abuzz with activity, with students explaining their projects to visitors, and teachers supervising the goings-on.


Every class had a different topic, and the students had based their charts and models on that. Among the 14 classes, class 2 had Forests of the World, class 4 had Rivers, class 8 had Natural Disasters, class 9 had The Evolution of Electronic Gadgets through History, class 10 had Spices, and class 11 did their projects on Application of Science in our Daily Lives. Class 12 even put on a skit about the importance of following one’s dreams.

“I think that the Exhibition can have some rides and if there were tattoos which come on the face and the hands, it would have been better. The exhibition is very fun and I had fun making charts and the model about the forests. But it would have been even more fun if we had got a topic about the Fete.” Says Akash Karekatte, a student of class 2B.

Some classes even sold food, and it was in these classes that there was the most crowd at any given time. Says Shivnaren Srinivas of class 10B, “It was a lot of fun selling food and drinks! A lot of people thought they were refreshing, and the entire class made a lot of money, which we decided to donate to charity.”

All in all, the Sishya Exhibition was an enjoyable event, and we all definitely look forward to next year!

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