Football tournament in memory of M.K. Hussain

The XX Major M.K. Hussain Memorial Football Tournament was conducted from Oct. 16 to 19, 2012.The Major M.K. Hussain Memorial Football Tournament was instituted in memory of Late Major M.K. Hussain.

Major Hussain who is the founder of this institution was born in the year 1917. He had a distinguished service in the army, and was also a renowned football player during his time. He played for Mohan Bagan and Mohameddan Sporting Clubs. He was also a football coach for the Services Team. His love for football continued even after his retirement from the army and he spent a lot of his time and energy promoting this sport. After his demise in the year 1977, the school emphasized on his interests and instituted this football tournament in honour of him.

This year the tournament was conducted during the second week of October in which 12 schools participated. After rigorous competition, Hussain Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School emerged victorious followed by Ebenezer Marcus Higher Secondary School as the runners up. The Rolling Trophy, Medals and Certificates were distributed to the winners by Brigadier M.I. Hussain, Chairman and Correspondent of the school.

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