From Pinholes to Pixels

The National Photographic Salon 2009 was conducted by the Photographic Society of Madras from the 18th to 23rd of august 2009. it was to commemorate 150years of this institution.

They were more than 200 pictures of various subjects. The exhibition was held at the Lalit kala Akademi. The photographs were tagged under headings and very orderly represented with the title and name of the photographer.
There were prizes given to the best pictures taken for each of the many subjects. Under the first subject water the first prize was given to a photo called ‘enjoying a bath’ by Bomala Venkana it was of a little girl taking a bath with just a little water but with such a happy face.

Another wonderful picture was that of the sea and the blue sky, it looked as if there was water on the sky as well. It was given the caption ‘abandoned in solitude’.

The second subject was Monochrome which had some great shots of people doing various activities. The first prize was given to the photograph captioned ‘dusk’ by Sudip Bhar.

Streets at night was the third subject in which the first prize was given to a a picture ‘Festive mood’ A very extraordinary picture of a little boy sleeping on the pavement with his pet monkey was captioned ‘Friends forever’ by Vivek Desai won the second prize.

The fourth subject was temples of India; the first place went to a picture of a temple with a wonderful scenery surrounding it. It was called ‘Spite pass Temple’ by Sathish Kalra.

The fifth subject had some of the most hilarious pictures of politicians, old men and many more it was termed Magnificent Madras.

The sixth subject was the ever loving Flora and Fauna which had some really pleasant pictures of birds, butterflies and other rare animals. The first place went to a photograph captioned ‘Time to go’ by P. Srinivas.

The last subject was Emotions that had some really different pictures compared to the other subjects at the exhibition. The first prize went out to a picture captioned ‘Not to cry’ by Ramakrishna Saha. It was a picture of Tibetan baby crying.

The pictures really brought out meaning and purpose and though were of the same subject were entirely different from one another. Each picture had its own qualities that each photographer brought out. It was really an exhibition of talent and beauty.

No photography was allowed in the exhibition and hence the report could have have any pictures. Want to take up photography as a hobby? Check out the Photographic Society of Madras, which holds regular workshops, photowalks and lectures for its members and photo enthusiasts.
Photographic Society of Madras is at 55, 3rd East Street, Kamaraj Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur. Phone: 42020956. E-Mail :, Web site:

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