Fun with cartooning

A cartooning workshop was held at the Vanilla Children Place Between the Sep. 21 and 28 for an hour daily. This workshop was meant for children between 3-8 years age.

On the 23rd September afternoon, there were 8 children at the workshop busy drawing cartoons like ‘Miffy the bunny’ and dolphins.

“Drawing helps small children get eye and hand control” says Ms. Dayanie Ananth the teacher who has ten years of experience in teaching art for small children!

“But what we are doing here is cartooning which is one step away from drawing”, she said.

Children are taught to draw sample objects like cats, dogs, and rabbits in 3-4 steps.  Ms. Dayanie Ananth said that her method of teaching was showing the children the basic steps and then letting add their own creativity. She said that smaller children have a sense that tells them to obey.

The children appeared to be enjoying themselves thoroughly. Even a mentally challenged child who was  basically scribbling with his pencil seemed very pleased with himself.

“Of all my drawings I like my fish the best!” said four year old Veda.  “I like pink birds so I have colored my bird pink” said Ujjessha who is also four years old.

Today when even a mess of scribbles that a child makes can be called art learning the art systematically does help the young to express their feeling through art better when they grow up.

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