Gandhi Jayanthi-Students’ Convention

An open book exam on the Autobiography of Mahatama Gandhi was conducted by the Gandhi Peace Foundation, Chennai. 1958 students from Class Five to Twelve participated from all over India of which 30 were selected to participate in the “Youth for Peace” Workshop held on September 30th and October 1st at the Srinivasa Gandhi Nilayam, Chennai.

The students got together on October 2nd, Gandhi Jayanthi to share their ideas and actions for building a peaceful world.

The day started with Bhajans by students of Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya after which the participants of the workshop presented the inter-religious peace bhajans that they had learnt at the workshop.

The thirty students then shared their Micro Actions for Peace. B.J.Sadhna’s micro action was put into action immediately – she switched off the mike as she felt that it was causing noise pollution and might disturb the peace of the neighbourhood. Rohit Reddy of Class Seven felt that his Micro action for religious harmony could be exchanging cultural experiences. G.Tulasi said that her “Fashion for Peace” would be a smile – the first step to peace. Vasudha Mishra of Class Eight talked about her micro action for environmental peace – using Ink Pens which do not use plastics; unlike other pens they are not plastic bodied or require plastic refills that are both packaged in plastic. Instead, they are metal-bodied and their ink is packed in glass bottles packaged in cardboard.

Ms.Prabha Sridevan, High Court Judge (Retd.), Chennai and Mrs. Ms.Padma Venkataraman, Director, Leprosy Rehabilitation Project, Chennai were the Chief Guests for the day.

It was a wonderful experience for all people who were present at this convection; they understood the true meaning of peace and got a lot of creative ideas to spread peace.

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