Go green and be healthy, says Greenica

Do you read and memorise ‘Steps to save our environment’ which are typed in your Environmental Science text book in bold letters.
Now meet someone who really take the steps and make a difference.
Ms. Radha Masilamani is one of them. And her venture is ‘Greenica Organic Bazaar’ (GOB) – a  shop filled with healthy items for the people of Chennai, all organic, fresh and bio degradable.

Radha Masilamani, previously worked in the IT field. She quit her job for doing something which can prove good for the environment and more importantly, for her child.

What attracted her to this field? She says, “I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur. And I used to protest against plastics during my college days and I do that even now whenever I am handed out plastic bags. I really wanted to do something for the environment. That is why I didnt hesitate to leave my previous job and then established Greenica.”

Winner of the Swadeshi Entrepreneur Award, Radha is modest. She continues, “This job is neither for money nor for recognition. It is all for the welfare of the people and awards just encourage me to do more.”

When asked about the products and from where does she get all the healthy items, she said “Interior parts of Tamil Nadu are filled with treasures of organic food and supplements. Right now I have products ranging from medicine items, hair care, food items to cosmetics, all from either Ooty,Thiruvannamalai and parts of Coimbatore.

Greenica also decorates its customers with ‘Greenica Award’ and also provides 2% discount to the customers who bring their own carry bags.
Radha finds that this is the only way out to curb usage of plastic bags. “Rules and Posters won’t do. One has to make it happen. But still it is not proving viable. So we have started packing items in biodegradable plastics, and we also provide customers with thin cloth bags which are eco-friendly.”

Radha encourages membership in GOB. Being a member of GOB can provide you facilities like ordering through internet, getting email and SMS alerts for new products and items.

She signs off with a message, “It is high time we saved the earth. Yes, there are cures and more medicines are being developed. But then, what about the new diseases which are getting generated at every blink of an eye? Organic items are the only solutions to be healthy and safe. Trying is the only way out. Everyone can do something, it is not impossible.”

The Greenica motto says “Together we will create a Healthy world”.

Want to be a member of Greenica? Go here-http://varthagam.biz/Greenica_website/5/Membership.html

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