Handwriting: does it matter?

The style of a person’s writing is handwriting. This allows each person to have a different accent for writing. Usually, handwriting is split into cursive, print and precursive. Print is a handwriting style where the letters are spaced to use in forms; Precursive is the link between cursive and print having spacing but with cursive letters used to train children on how to write cursive; cursive is another handwriting style which has joined letters to help write fast.

Then there is also calligraphy and graphology. Calligraphy is the study of fonts and how to uniquely create fonts. Graphology is though not directly related to handwriting but is the art of finding personalities through handwriting. Both these professions rely on the use of handwriting. Also, many forms mostly official need a signature unique to each person by handwriting style and name.

Now schools, classes, and tuitions need us to write instead of typing to enhance our skill of handwriting. This is good as the better the handwriting the easier it is to read and copy. Another reason why writing by hand is better is that it is harder to forge documents so we cannot just print or delete papers of importance. Even though the possibility of forging is not completely negated due to expert forgers and Thomas Edison’s electric pen and other such ways, it is the easiest and safest method.

The point of autographs is also dependent on handwriting. As mentioned before ‘a signature which is unique to each person by handwriting styles and name’, brings fame and more likely people want to come and pay to see an artist live and get his signature.

The selling of pens, notebooks and pencils also depends on handwriting as without it there will be no sale of objects needed for writing. Artists usually sign their artwork to notify the observer whose work this belongs to because we cannot tell it is ours in any other way. In the end, we can say it is good to have nice handwriting, but it has its own pros and cons.

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