Family newspaper

Have fun making family newspaper with the family

I have tried making a family newspaper, I decided to make a family tree with the latest updates in my family. As you suspected, it was a grand failure. I used the old-fashioned mail to send it to my entire family, but it did not reach them.

Now, if I create a newspaper, I will probably start with all the family events that we missed in the quarantine. I will add the upcoming birthdays of my family members. I will add some special mentions and messages to few people in my family. After setting a good mood, I will add the ratio of people who took the vaccine to those who did not in my family, I will add a lot of quotes on safety and insist all my family members be safe and put the vaccine as soon as possible!

To make the newspaper feel real, I will add some guest columns on what my family members have been up to and I will add many pictures of all the new activities my cousins have taken in the lockdown and of course, some health advice pieces from the health care workers in my family. I will add some book reviews and movie reviews to keep everyone engaged during the quarantine. My list would keep going on!

I probably would not do it alone. Where is the fun in that? I will do it with all my cousins, I will assign jobs for each one of them and collate it as a family newspaper! That makes it more fun and easier for me to do!

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