Janmashtami celebrations at Gaudia Mutt, Royapettah

The pleasant morning of Aug. 17, 2014 witnessed the Janmastami celebrations of the Gaudiya Mutt, Royapettah, Chennai. Devotees thronged in large numbers to attend the celebrations. The day commenced with the mangala Arthi and witnessed interesting events and programmes. The Mutt had organized a Theistic exhibition with  about 20 stalls depicting various scenes related to the life of Lord Krishna.

Calcutta dolls dressed in traditional attire were used in all the stalls. The first stall depicted  the birth of the Lord in the prison and Vasudeva carrying baby Krishna to Gokulam. Radha-Krishna in the traditional swing or jhula, Krishna stealing butter, Krishna’s favour to the fruit seller, Krishna with Kusela, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s Rasa leela, Gitopadesh, Kaliya mardhan and the lifting of the Govardhana Mountain were the other scenes which enthralled the spectators. The Mutt was beautifully decorated with different varieties of aromatic flowers and colourful artificial lights.

Various programmes like singing melodious bhajans, discourses and lectures on Lord Krishna – his life and teachings, chantings from Bhagavad Gita and distributions of Prasad were held throughout the day. There were many small stalls selling books on the life of Krishna and pocket Bhagavat Gita. Stalls selling wall hangings, accessories, idols of Krishna and Radha, handbags and rings with lucky gems caught the attention of the women folk.

According to Hindu Mythology the Birth of the Lord takes place in the midnight and hence the main puja  was held at midnight 12:00. Large number of people gathered at midnight and the entire atmosphere reverberated with echoes of Hare Ram and Hare Krishna.All the devotees who came said that they experienced deep inner joy and fulfilment on the  auspicious day.

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