Lots of fun at the Sishya Fete

The Sishya Annual Fete was held on Saturday, July 2, 2011. It was a fun-filled experience for all. The fete is an event where everyone – both young and old – can have fun. It was held on the Sishya Grounds, and started at 3 in the afternoon, and went on till 9 p.m.

The Sishya Fete consisted of 27 stalls, with genres ranging from food, to games, to photography, to kiddy rides. Each class managed a stall. Since there are three sections to a class some classes even had two or three stalls. The Fruit Shop on Greams Road and Frankie stalls seemed to dominate the F&B corner, with the Soft Drinks stalls and Pizza and Chaat stalls not far behind.

The games stalls consisted of various games, such as hoopla, shooting, mini-golf, and many more. Among these, the branch of The Den (a gaming center where there were PCs, Wiis, XBOXs, and more) and the hoopla stall seemed to be the most popular. There were many games, including ones where one had to throw a football through a tyre, darts, and air-hockey. Many of these stalls gave successful participants a prize coupon, which could be redeemed at the prize stall. The prizes included stationary, balls, kiddy toys, and even an inflatable mattress!

In the words of Thejas Vummidi, Class 10, “The fete is fun, but many of the games and prizes are kiddish.” The hoopla stall, which gave 1.25 litres of coke, Fanta or sprite to successful participants, apparently ran out of prizes during the fete!

There was even a beauty stall at the fete, famed for being the most popular for the last few years, especially among the senior girls. Here, one could get ones nails polished, hair gelled, streaked, ironed, curled, straightened, or even get a temporary tattoo done. Not just girls, but boys were also seen by the dozen.

Atshara Sri, Class 10, said “The beauty stall is nice, but there is always a long line outside. The fete on the whole is a lot of fun, though.”

The fete had a karaoke event, where one could sing along to any song of their choice. Songs such as Baby, Tik Tok, New Divide, Love Story, and Down were played more than once throughout the evening.

Uday Sharma, class 6, said, “I like the fete. It is a lot of fun, where I can meet my friends and teachers outside school times. Here they have lots of games, and it is fun to sing at the karaoke place.”

As the fun-filled afternoon drew to a close, there was a Grand Raffle to bring the day to a fitting end. The tickets for this were available at a Grand Raffle counter, which had been open all evening. The principal, Ms. Omana Thomas, sits at this stall, greeting parents and others who wanted to buy tickets for the Grand Raffle. The prizes for the Raffle included a round trip for two to Colombo, a dinner for two at Fisherman’s Cove, and many other exciting prizes.

The Sishya Fete is very popular among Chennaiites for good reasons. The proceeds go towards funding various PTA undertakings in the school.

Sishya School is located at No. 15, Padmanabha Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, 600020. If you missed the fete this year, do make it next year. You won’t regret it.

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