Make a change. Cultivate Self-Acceptance

Mental health awareness is so overtalked, and yet there are millions suffering from poor mental health. Among the many reasons that lead to this, non-constructive criticism is a major contributor. Judgements about how we could instead look, how we could perform a particular task, how we could be like the perfect neighbour kid and so much more.

Constant comparisons and continuous judgements are deteriorating the health of many teenagers. The teenage phase is like a flower in a budding stage. How the bud blooms into a beautiful flower depend on the quantity and quantity of so many factors. Too much water, highly acidic soil or lack of sunlight could inhibit the growth of the bud. How a teenager becomes an adult depends on so many other factors too. It’s a phase of change. The best exposure could result in the best adult. If I were to campaign for one cause, I would campaign for the betterment of teenagers’ lives!

Let’s stop comparing the kids, let’s stop judging them for who they are. Instead, let’s energise with the best positive affirmations! Day in and day out let’s compliment their looks, and appreciate their efforts. It’s time we started practising accepting our flaws and spreading only positivity. Negativity could kill a person.

Deconstruct the thoughts about the perfect human being. No one’s perfect! Let’s accept ourselves and work on ourselves not because society wants us to be in a certain way but entirely because we want to!

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