Make a thematic photobook of Chennai- Presentation submission by Aug. 30, 2023

Do you know the city you live in well? Do you have a lot of pictures clicked in various places in Chennai? Then, show off your pics and tips about Chennai to the world!

Decide on any one of the themes among the following:

  1. Parks, gardens and natural heritage spots
    The local parks you walk or spend your mornings and evenings, horticultural gardens and tree parks can be the subjects of your photobook. Organise the photos/pictures.
  2. Culture & Heritage
    Heritage buildings, places and cultural events exclusive to the city can be grouped for the photobook.

How to submit:

Organise the photos in a Word/PowerPoint/PDF presentation along with a few lines of information about the pictures as a caption below each of them. You can make up to 10 pages/slides and not more.

Open to children up to 17 years of age.

Mail the presentation to along with your name and age.
The best 10 entries will be showcased on

Start putting photos together!

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