Math Club at Vidya Mandir

The Concurrent Club dedicated exclusively to mathematics was inaugurated on July 25 at Vidya Mandir, Mylapore.

Dr. R. Sivaraman, Professor of Mathematics, D.G.Vaishnav College and Founder, Pie Mathematics Association inaugurated the club for this year.

Shruthi Mohan, secretary of the mathematics club delivered the Welcome Address. After the inauguration Dr. Sivaraman interacted with the students shared the wonders of numbers, number
theory and prime numbers.

He also spoke on the history of Mathematics, the life and works of mathematicians likePythagoras, his philosophical approach towards the subject.

He also introduced some new concepts in mathematics like amicable numbers, social numbers, perfect numbers,etc. He motivated the students to cultivate an interest in Maths and not merely treat it as a subject and develop a phobia. He also elaborated on the properties of numbers, its applications and elucidated on the importance of its aspects and the collection of numbers, how they could be used in day today lives starting from our home where we use numbers to calculate the things we need to buy.
The programme ended with a vote of thanks and National Theorem.

The Concurrent club of Vidya Mandir encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities.The school organises a session in maths for each term.They also take students to field trips. Last year they went to Kavalur on a science tour with Nehru Children’s Cultural Association.

This time they are planning to go to Bangalore. Looks like they have geared up for a full swing.

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