Museum – an epicentre of learning

Imagine coming into a large building with glass holders and pictures left and right showing a vivid history of our and pre-human history. Then getting a mainlined tour of all the grand artefacts presented either in the open or in a transparent case. This is a museum!

A museum showcases places or subjects of interest in topics, items, a historical era, or even ideas. The museums have archives storing centuries of knowledge and texts. It is a place of art, knowledge and historical texts.

Some museums now are also meant to honour certain people or events. These museums give deep insight into the era and the timeline of the topic. These museums have gained the interest of the majority of people who visit them.

These museums act as an epicentre of learning for all interested, allowing children and adults to learn together. There is a spark of interest found in museums. In museums, a vast majority of old and new findings are stored allowing us to navigate and comprise these pieces for others to use.

To conclude, a museum is an interesting place where you can not only learn but also share the very same knowledge.

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