Navaratri dolls West Mambalam

Navaratri begins in the neighbourhood

Durga Handicrafts is a shop in West Mambalam which sells handmade toys of gods, toys of festivals and so on. Dolls from Banaras, Mysore, Tanjore, Vrindavan, Ahmedabad, Madurai, Agra and Jaipur are sold here.

Toys, bronze toys and metal toys are available in this shop. Venkatesh, who owns this shop opened it three years ago.

The shop consists of new dolls which are liked by the customers. There are more customers in the festival times and the profit of the shop is at its peak. The season of Navaratri is the time Venkatesh looks forward to every year.

The dolls made with cloth get more profit than any other material because there is no breakage problem in cloth.

New Tibetan bells are also sold here which produce a melodic sound.
For more information, contact – 919444333886.

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