On June 21, 2014, the students in our Olive Public School
assembled in auditorium for the inauguration of the three clubs.

Olive school meets to teach the values of life through their three clubs that is heritage, First Aid and Eco clubs. On the inaugural day, the students of all classes dressed up like people of different states of our country.

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Heritage Club teaches about Indian tradition and culture. The students of grade 8 performed a small skit on first aid which helps the students to know what to do when someone meets with an accident. This club teaches about how to do first aid. The students of grade 8 presented a short speech on deforestation and afforestation for the Eco club that helps students to know their environment better.

The names of the students in-charge of the clubs were announced. And for each class, club leaders were selected and were given their badges in the form of flowers. Pink flower for heritage, green flower for the Eco club and yellow flower for the first aid club.