Painting soles to reach souls

Vasundhara, a sixteen year old art student conducted a creative workshop on May 10 and 11 at Adyar, Chennai. She contributed the proceeds of the workshop to FICAS, which runs a primary school at Kotturpuram for the underprivileged children.

It was an innovative, fun workshop open to all. Vasundhara taught the participants to paint on the canvass shoes to make them one’s exclusive possession of their taste.
She helped the participants decide on themes to paint on the shoes. She had samples of jigsaw puzzles, mehendi designs, stencils of circles and other geometric shapes.

The FICAS Vidya Nivas School in Kotturpuram was started in 1995.

Vasundhara who attended a seminar conducted by FICAS for a web site launch, came to know of the school and its needs. With her talent, she found an innovative way to help the school.
The founder President Ms. Nimmu Vasanth is pooling funds for housing the students under new permanent roofs. And Vasundhara has contributed her mite to this cause.
Congrats Vasundhara for this wonderful thought!

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